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Valta is an intelligent cloud based system that connects you to your home. From one simple app, control and monitor any room from anywhere at anytime. It is easy, informative, and secure. It will personalize each room to fit each member of your family, while optimizing overall energy usage to save you money. Let Valta make your home as unique as you and your family.

How does it work?

Seamless Ecosystem

Valta is a comprehensive, scalable, and growing ecosystem that lets you control and tinker with everything in every room with just one app. You can adjust and monitor temperature, humidity, lighting level, air quality, and energy consumption in each room. Everything in the Valta ecosystem will work seamlessly with each other.

When you're home

Valta is true personalized zonal control. You can adjust the temperature, humidity, lighting, and anything else connected to the Valta ecosystem to fit exactly how each member of your family likes it. Each member of your family can be the master of their own domain. Valta will make sure energy is spent most efficiently to meet these preferences.

When you're away

The Valta app takes automation to a new level.
GeoFence to Automate
Simply set a GeoFence perimeter around your home and once you are outside it, things can be automated to turn off or turned down to save energy. It also works in reverse to make sure you are coming back to a welcoming home.
Motion sensor alert
When you're not around, motion sensors can sense anomalies and send you alerts, giving you real-time information and peace of mind.

Actionable Insight

Valta's patented technology runs a continuous diagnostic of your home to identify energy saving opportunities and an overall energy audit to identify shortcomings in device and home efficiency. Alerts will be sent to you whenever there are saving opportunities or abnormalities in energy consumption patterns, which will allow you to promptly act through the Valta platform.

Secured Cloud

Valta’s cloud server lets you control anything from anywhere, all through your smartphone or computer. Through the cloud, you can add more devices, locations, and users - including what type of access each user can have. The Valta ecosystem is always in sync and you will always know the latest status of your environment.

Plug & Play

Great products are simple and intuitive. Valta has thought of all the details to make sure your product experience from set-up to daily use is just the way you expect it to be.

Valta Zonal Sensor

The Valta sensors will allow unparalleled personalization of your room. It keeps track of your surrounding and adjusts automatically to give you the most comfortable environment. It will even give you alerts whenever you need to change the filter or refill the humidifier. Available in Summer 2015

Pre-order begins on Winter, 2015

Valta Radiator Valve

Working in coordination with the Valta sensors, the Valta Radiator Valve enables users to achieve true zonal temperature control. It will allow the right amount of heating into your room so you can always stay comfortable. Available in Summer 2015

Pre-order begins on Winter, 2015

Valta Meter Reader

Smart meter data should not be for the benefits of utilities only. Users should have access to their usage data in real time. Valta meter reader delivers meter readings onto your smartphone, so you know exactly what your energy consumption is at all times. Available in Summer 2015

Pre-order begins on Winter, 2015

Valta LED Bulb

The Valta bulbs let you have total control and monitor capabilities over your lighting needs from anywhere in the world. It works seamlessly with our ecosystem of products for a degree of customization and optimization that is unique and personalized.

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Valta Socket

Valta sockets enables total control and monitor capability for any device that is plugged in. Our sockets makes saving energy as easy as playing a game! You are notified when an opportunity to save arises, and all you have to do is push a button. Saving energy has never been this easy!

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Valta Hub

The Valta control hub enables communications with all components of the Valta ecosystem with the Valta cloud server. It drives the endless scalability of various Valta components to work as one.

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More to come... Fall/ Winter 2015


We are not only developing great products but also integrating other great products to make the ecosystem more complete and offer more savings to you.

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